Jackson Resumes Full Day EMS Service

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  JACKSON – It has been nearly three decades since the township first aid squad has provided 24/7 coverage but as of March 1 it will be back.

  Business Administrator Terrence Wall said that “the Mayor and Council of the Township of Jackson is proud to announce that, after 29 years, the Jackson first aid squad will once again be providing 24/7 daytime and nighttime coverage for the entire community.”

  Wall confirmed that the new program will add daytime coverage and will start around or on March 1. The motto of the Jackson First Aid Squad is “Delivering caring local coverage in your time of need.”

  The squad was established in 1953 and is a volunteer-staffed EMS agency which provides 911 ambulance service to Jackson every night between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. each day, 365 days a year.

  According to township figures, on an annual basis the squad answers approximately 2,000 calls for service and transports more than 1,000 patients to area hospitals.

  All members of the Jackson Township first aid squad exceed the minimum amount of training as required by law. The squad designates a significant portion of its budget for training and purposes and are monitored and supported by a medical director.

  Members are trained in various areas such as terrorism, explosives, hazardous materials, CPR instruction, trauma life support, tactical emergency care, active shooter and more. Members also hold specialized certifications such as Ambulance Compliance Officers, Ambulance Privacy Officers and Documentation Specialists.

  Three trucks will provide daytime coverage mirroring the existing provider – additionally the squad will have First Responder and Supervisors during the same coverage time, thus expanding the capabilities of the crews by handling nonurgent calls, welfare checks, providing assistance on serious calls as well as establishing scene control and command if needed.

  Wall said, “this serves as an enhancement over current coverage. Staging locations will remain essentially the same which allow equal or better response times on average with the goal of constant operational improvement for Jackson residents and guests.”

  “Mutual aid with surrounding agencies will also be utilized. Also, additional calls can now be handled by the Squad with volunteers when available. This is not currently provided,” Wall added.

  Wall noted that for first responder volunteers, “this will greatly improve the ability for dedicated volunteers to join and the opportunities for those who were unable to volunteer at night can volunteer during the day.”

 “The new plan also allows members who would like more experience to volunteer to ride with a paid crew during the day – this would provide a better experience for the resident as it now will give them three emergency medical technicians on an ambulance instead of two,” Wall said.

  Wall assured residents and visitors of the township, “can count on rapid, professionally trained emergency care during the critical moments when they need it most. The care will be provided by dedicated Jackson volunteers and staff who are highly trained, well equipped and that the ready to serve the community every day of the year and at any time.”