Jackson Mayoral Appointments

Jackson Town Hall (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

JACKSON – Each year the mayor appoints residents to various boards, commissions, and committees.

Mayor Michael Reina made the following appointments for 2017.

Americans with Disabilities Committee: Barry Olejarz, building sub code official; Robert Stauffer, safety coordinator; Alison Defort, commission for the disabled; Maureen Van Bramer; and Joanne Sodano, alternate no. 1.

Economic Development Committee: Edward Licciardi; Joseph Fiero; and Marie DiStefano Miller, liaison to the mayor.

  The township Office of Emergency Management had many different appointments. Deputy Coordinators: Kenneth Byrnes; Lt. Richard Wagner; Gary Nokes; Scott Rauch; Sgt. Christopher Parise; Denise Olejarz; and Fred Fritz. Township department heads: Michael Reina; Helene Schlegel; Samantha Novak; Fred Rasiewicz; Paul Novello; Dave Harpell; Michael Lubertazzi; Timothy Carson; Sean Ryan; David Johnson; Alfred Couceiro; Stephen H. Genco; Edward Ostroff. OEM: Brittany Olejarz; Tricia Byrnes; David Rudolph; Patrick Gallagher; Daniel Greenfield; Daniel Schafer; Sue DesMarais. Auxiliary Police: John Burmeister Jr.; Anthony D. Jacobs; Christian A. MacNeil; Michael Cocchiara. Business representatives: Edward Zakar; Anthony Duran; Arthur Frisch; Lauren Kessler; Russell Gelpke. Community Emergency Response Team personnel: Patrick Gallagher; Janet Marzocca; Dennis Cohen; Ilene Menkes; Juan Casanova; Michael Misko Sr.; John Lehman; Vickie Rickabaugh; Charles Chodash; Gary Moliver; Marvin Aronowitz; Bill Greenblum; Jay Lisnow; Arlene Carucci; Michael MIsko Jr.; Ron Abramowitz; Dr. Daniel Greenfield; Jack Robinson; Ina Galinovsky; Sybil Rankin; Al Hott; Terrie Basko; Jack Barocas; Jerrod Pims; Josephine Morse; Dan Slocum; Robert Skinner; Margaret Chang; Robert Robinson; Bruce Miller; Amy Pims; Ed Silverman; Joe Dimino; Geri Chapman; and Hank Barish.

Environmental Commission: Brian Smith, to fill unexpired term of Anthony Russo; and Alexander Sauickie, to fill unexpired term of Marty Flemming. Both seats expire at the end of December. Jeffrey Riker and Shaun Blick were appointed members; their terms expire December 31, 2019. Diana Bruner was appointed chairman.

Jackson Day Committee: Helene Schlegel; Michael Reina; Samantha Novak; Sheri Silversmith; Joey Zapata; Annette Schultz; Barry Olejarz; Denise Olejarz; Captain Rick Wagner; Steve Cattoner; Fred Rasiewicz; and Frank McDonnell.

Shade Tree Commission: Joseph Aufiero; Leo Kissling; and Brian Smith.

Pinelands Municipal Council: Eugene Fowler.

Planning Board: Joseph Riccardi and Marty Flemming, whose terms expire on December 31, 2020; David Ricci as alternate 1, whose term expires December 31, 2018; Michelle Campbel, alternate to replace Marty Flemming, whose term expires December 31, 2017; and Diana Brunner, to fill unexpired term by Anthony Russo, who term expires December 31, 2017.

Veterans Commission: John Suttles; Barry Kakos; David Whelan; and Greg Wertmuller.

Historic Commission: Andy Weinstein; Josephine Corbiscello; George Corbiscello; Wally Jamison; and Margaret Jamison. These appointments last through the end of the year.