Jackson Mayor Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism

Photo by Bob Vosseller

  JACKSON – The hate crime that injured several people is still impacting the community.

  A Manchester resident stands accused of attempted murder, carjacking, and other offenses for a spree of violence on April 8.

  While Mayor Michael Reina was unable to attend a recent Township Council meeting due to personal reasons, he asked Business Administrator Terence Wall to read a statement on his behalf.

  “In light of the recent abhorrent and vicious attacks perpetrated on three innocent Orthodox Jewish victims in Lakewood and Jackson the mayor asked that a minute be set aside to send thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families and friends at this time,” Wall said.


  “Let us also not forget those traumatized in their homes as neighborhoods were locked down as the culprit was on the loose and his whereabouts were unknown at that time,” the mayor’s statement said.

Mayor Michael Reina (Photo by Micromedia)

  “Ladies and gentlemen, we as a society are in a very troubled time. Anti-Semitic attacks have risen 29 percent and that should be a shocking wake up call to us all. Now just think how our Jewish neighbors and family members must feel,” the mayor’s statement adds. “Given the current state of the economy, one pandemic after another, energy costs – it is no wonder the stresses have caused a powder keg of emotions and ladies and gentlemen we need to stand together shoulder to shoulder as one – not separated because of religion, color or creed. Understanding and compassion should be on the forefront and not in rearview mirrors. We as a people are better than that. Jackson is a wonderful, healthy, welcoming place to live, work and play where we see people help each other more often than not.”

  “We understand life and all that it has to offer so now more than ever the mayor encourages everyone to watch out for each other, stand by each other, and make sure solidarity and unity are practiced daily. Hate has no home in Jackson, Ocean County or New Jersey. It needs to stop and no better time than now,” Wall added.

  The mayor’s statement went on to thank those in law enforcement and commended the quick action that brought an arrest in the case. He noted the efforts of Lakewood, Manchester and Jackson police, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office. “You did an amazing job, swiftly and safely,” the mayor’s statement concludes.