Master Plan Will Address Town’s Zoning

Photo by Bob Vosseller

  JACKSON – Township officials have started the process for creating a master plan which is a thorough examination of every parcel of land.

  Generally speaking, master plans will determine what kind of construction is allowed, what businesses are allowed, and what density of homes is acceptable.

  The Township Council said at a recent meeting that an appropriation, not to exceed $250,000, was set aside for the preparation of a master plan revision.

  Councilman Nino Borrelli remarked, “I’m glad funding is finally being appropriated for our town’s master plan. It’s long overdue and I look forward to see what transpires with it with a careful focus on protecting as best as possible, Jackson’s beautiful environment and unique abundance of natural resources.”

  “I think our fellow residents want nothing less. A town should be responsible for crafting its land use (regulations), not outside entities,” the councilman added.

  Resident Eleanor Hannum spoke to the council about the issue asking, “how long, approximately will it take?”

  “Approximately, a year,” Council President Martin Flemming answered.

  “How will communication to the public as these proceedings go on, happen? I believe the residents of this town deserve clear and transparent communication at all times,” she added. “As we are watching this town get carved up, and the last master plan from my understanding was done by one individual who was on the planning board at that time and there was absolutely no transparency at all over 10 years ago.”

  She noted that under state guidelines there would be an advisory committee formed that would include residents of the town who are not in any “capacity of our government.”

  Flemming said the “Master Plan is driven by the Planning Board and they will start creating the committee and the people they want on it and that is where it will derive from. I am hoping the is public involved and there will be public forums.”