Jackson Council Supports Bill Giving First Responders Tax Break

  JACKSON – Township officials came out in support of pending legislation that would benefit first responders in Jackson as well as throughout the state.

  They passed a resolution supporting Senate Bill S-1697 and its companion Assembly Bill A-757.

  The two bills would allow for “certain firefighters, rescue workers and members of first aid squads to claim a $5,000 income bill deduction,” explained Councilman Nino Borrelli.

  He added that both bills were sponsored by the 9th District delegation “including other Republican state legislators. Under the bills, firefighters may claim the $5,000 deduction if they volunteer for the entire tax year, perform 60% of fire duty and by January 1 of the tax year attain the range of firefighter one certified.


  “First Aid Squad members will be able to claim the $5,000 deduction if they volunteer during the entire tax year as well, perform 10% of rescue duty and by January 1 either pass an approved training program or qualify as an EMT,” Borrelli added, calling both firefighters and rescue works “brave and selfless.”

  “They give so much time of themselves. They save lives and keep our towns safe and secure 24/7 and they save taxpayers money because they volunteer. This council will always support them and bills pending in the state legislature that provide them the tax relief they deserve for their service,” the councilman added. He urged the township’s first aid and fire departments to bring awareness to this legislation to its members.

Jackson “Open For Business”

  On a different subject, Councilman Steven Chisholm reported “our economic development committee is meeting again so Jackson is open for business and we are encouraging new business owners. It may seem like a hard time to open a new business in light of the Biden administration and economic times but at the same time we did see people open businesses in the COVID years.”

  Chisholm said, “if you have something interesting or if you know someone who would like to invest in something fun for Jackson such as restaurants, bowling, movie, hatchet throwing, or whatever – bring it forward. I’m tired of going to Route 9 and spending dollars in other towns and giving them our funds.”

  The official urged residents to “bring those ideas here.” Chisholm serves as leader of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce.