Council Sells First Aid Squad Four Ambulances For A Dollar

Photo courtesy Jackson Township First Aid Squad

  JACKSON – A dollar is a bargain for an emergency vehicle and the Jackson Township First Aid Squad purchased four ambulances for that price recently.

  Township officials authorized the sale of the rigs. They include a 2-11 Ford E450, a 2008 Ford E450, a 2013 Ford E450 and a 2007 Ford E350 which were previously bought by the township for the first aid squad.

  The squad used them for emergency medical services in the township and each were insured, fueled and taken care of by the squad since the time of their purchase. The squad’s directors desired having the title to the ambulances and will continue to insure, fuel and maintain them.

  One vehicle is not operational at the current time according to township officials and is temporarily out of service. Its “box” is useable and is in good shape.

  The squad which provides 24-hour service for Jackson is located at 38 East Veterans Highway. It was founded in 1953 when the township’s population totaled around 3,500 which far below its close to 60,000 residents that the 100-square-mile community has now.

  The first aid squad which has approximately 68 volunteers began full coverage of the township earlier this year on a 24-hour basis. There were plans to hire 25 part-time, per diem employees. The only full-time employee is the squad’s chief.