Community Members Commended

Jackson Councilman Martin Flemming, top left, joins Councilman Ken Bressi, Vice Council President Andrew Kern, Council President Alex Sauickie, Councilman Steven Chisholm and DPW Supervisor Robert Stauffer and Business Administrator Terence Wall. (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

  JACKSON – Recognition for one’s work and accomplishments is something the Township Council is quick to take note of and there is no shortage of people doing good deeds.

  During a recent Township Council meeting, resident Rob Calcaterra of the Jackson Little League wrote a letter commending Business Administrator Terence Wall and Department of Public Works Supervisor Robert Stauffer for their work in seeing that improvements at the township’s various ball fields were performed for the benefit of Little League players.

  Stauffer was presented a plaque in recognition at a recent Township Council meeting.

  “Congratulations to our business administrator. It is great to see that those outside the governing body recognize the efforts and work done. I often say you would think he was a life-long resident of Jackson the way he works for this town. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you very much,” Council President Alex Sauickie said.

  Other members of the governing body thanked the two department heads as well.

  “Thank you very much for your kind words,” Wall said.

  During another council meeting a proclamation was read by Councilman Stephen Chisholm for Salvatore Vigilante a known member of the business community in the township.

  “We are here to honor Salvatore Vigilante on his retirement,” Chisholm said, noting that Vigilante had been born in Sicily and moved to New Jersey in 1968. He began working in an Italian bakery and discovered that baking was his passion. That passion led him to work at a donut shop in Freehold where he perfected his skills and he later moved to Jackson Township in 1999 where he opened his own donut shop.”

  “He begins each day at 3 a.m. selling nothing but the freshest pastries to his loyal customers which are often sold out by 10 a.m. His daughter Rita Marie and his granddaughter Isabella and he can often be seen sitting at the counter in conversation with the customers,” Chisholm said.

Resident Salvatore Vigilante speaks to the Jackson Council thanking them for recognizing him for his years as a businessman in the community as owner of Village Donuts. (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

  “Sal loves serving the community and did so with a smile on his face and having a good laugh with customers and was often known to sing along to Frank Sinatra while he worked.”

  Chisholm noted that Vigilante, “was always very generous when it came to feeding the less fortunate and often helped good causes such as Boy and Girl scouts. He has earned recognition for having one of the best donut shops in all of New Jersey and was recently being named by as one of New Jersey’s sweetest spots across the state in June 2020.”

  The proclamation reads that Mayor Michael Reina and the members of council and the township extend their sincerest gratitude to Vigilante and the utmost respect for his dedication, service and memories provided to the residents of Jackson Township and extend the very best for the new adventures that await him and extend him happiness in all his endeavors and as he would often say, ‘take it nice and easy and God bless you.’”

  “Mr. Vigilante and Village Donuts is known as an institution in the town,” Sauickie said of Vigilante.

  Vigilante grinned as he accepted the framed proclamation from Chisholm and remarked, “Thank you, I thank the police and fire departments and all our boys overseas. God bless Jackson and the USA.”

  Councilman Kenneth Bressi noted that while Vigilante had been present to receive his accolades and well wishes “he was being shown appreciation and honored for all he did to take the time to recognize our first responders, police, fire departments and armed forces and I think when we see a person like that on a night for him to take time out and appreciate the culture you live in and what you believe in is a tribute to what America is all about. I was truly glad to hear that.”