Classes Can Now Visit A Safari Scientist Virtually

Educator Jackie works with a macaw. (Photo courtesy Six Flags Safari)

  JACKSON – Now when you visit Six Flags (virtually) you can learn about the animals at the Great Adventure Safari.

  The popular theme park recently launched a new virtual animal education program that includes free teacher resources.  

  The ‘Cyber Safari’ will offer interactive enjoyment through remote learning. The idea behind the program was to meet the needs of virtual and in-person learning during the pandemic and beyond.

  Cyber Safari centers on a new series of free web videos that teach students about adaptations, conservation, evolution, and genetics. It was developed by Six Flags’ award-winning education team and in-house, state-certified teacher.

  Schools will have the option to purchase a virtual program for any curriculum from grades kindergarten to 12th grade with a variety of options including a virtual outreach with fuzzy, feathered, or slithering animals; a virtual animal meet-and-greet with interactive question and answer session and grade specific teacher resource materials that include worksheets and activities for K-5, 6-8 or 9-12.

  Anastasia Wheeler, Six Flags Great Adventure’s curator of education and conservation said, “we present science in such a fun way that students won’t even realize that they’re learning.”

Educators Jackie and Staci show students a coati mundi. (Photo courtesy Six Flags Safari)

   “The videos can be easily integrated into any type of curriculum nationwide, whether virtual or in a classroom setting,” Wheeler added.

  The program can be tailored by the education team to adapt to various community programs, such as scouting, clubs, libraries, and nursing homes. The 12 free Cyber Safari videos and coordinating lesson plans are available on the park’s YouTube channel at

  Cyber Safari and Science on Safari are part of Six Flags’ extensive education series, Academic Adventures. Schools and groups that purchase a tailored plan will receive discounted admission to the Six Flags Wild Safari’s onsite educational program, Science on Safari.

Jackie, an educator, shows off an ostrich egg. (Photo courtesy Six Flags Safari)

  This contact-free, drive-through safari experience features 1,200 exotic animals from the farthest reaches of the globe, and expands upon lessons from the virtual videos through a new audio tour and guidebooks.

 For further information about Cyber Safari and tailored options visit, e-mail or call 732-928-2000 ext. 2221.