Bi-Monthly Bereavement Support Group

Bartley Healthcare located in Jackson. (Photo courtesy of Bartley Healthcare)

JACKSON – Bartley Healthcare is partnering with Holisticare Hospice to host a Bereavement Support Group every other month, beginning on August 16. We are all affected by grief and loss at some point in our lives, and everyone grieves in his or her own way. There are many different forms of grief, but you may want to consider a support group, where everyone gives and takes, and you are not alone.

Many grieving people wonder if they would benefit from joining a support group. Support groups offer a few gifts: they provide hope, they can help a griever find new empathy, new understandings, and renewed strengths, and they can reaffirm that one is not alone. Grief is experienced in so many different ways – physical, emotional, and spiritual, and one needs a place to recognize that these reactions are part of the journey of grief.

Anyone can attend this support group. You may have anticipatory grief, you may be grieving the loss of a loved one, or you may be a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. This Bereavement Support Group has been created for anyone who would like a listening ear, or would like to listen to others share their feelings and emotions.

The first Bereavement Support Group meeting will be hosted by Holisticare Hospice at Bartley Healthcare, 175 Bartley Road, on August 16 at 4 p.m. There will be light refreshments served. Seating is limited, so please RSVP to Lindsay, Marketing Coordinator, at 732-370-4700, ext. 1368 or