8-Year-Old Jackson Boy: A True Hero

Photo courtesy Ocean County Sheriff 9-1-1 Facebook

JACKSON – His quick thinking saved his mother’s life.

Photo courtesy Ocean County Sheriff 9-1-1 Facebook

Nicole Sorchinski was driving to McDonalds in Jackson around noon on Monday with her 8-year-old son Jace when she felt a life-threatening seizure coming on. She pulled her car over, and as she described it, was “unable to breath, blurred vision and numbness in my neck.”

Jace jumped into the front seat and grabbed his mother’s cell phone. He called 9-1-1.

“This young man was able to tell the telecommunicator where he was, what type of vehicle he was in, and what exactly was going on with his mom,” a statement from the Ocean County Sheriff’s 9-1-1 page said. “Because of his calmness with providing the necessary information, units were able to arrive to assist his mother in under 5 minutes. There are a lot of people including this agency who are very proud of him.”

Sorchinski further described the emergency in a Facebook post, shared nearly 300 times.

Photo courtesy Ocean County Sheriff 9-1-1 Facebook

First responders arrived at the scene, including the Jackson Township Police Department. Officers kept Jace occupied while other worked on his mother.

As she describes it, as soon as she was revived, ran to her son. The first responders were cheering that Jace had saved his mother’s life.

Sorchinski said her son was, but now will forever be, her hero.