Howell To Purchase Open Space

Howell Township Municipal Building (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

HOWELL – Howell Township has plans to purchase open space, adding on to Deerwood Park which is located off of Allenwood Lakewood Road in the township.

The Township Council introduced an ordinance at a recent meeting that would authorize the purchase of Block 42, Lot 88 with Open Space funds. The property is approximately 9.5 acres of woods located to the west of Deerwood Park.

Councilman John Bonevich stated that the parcel has a Category One, Or C-1, stream running along the back end of the property, wetlands along the side, and is certainly buildable. According to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Category One waterways provide drinking water and sustain important fish and aquatic resources.

“Council decided to acquire the property feeling it is in a strategic location along a C-1 waterway and it would make for a reasonable acquisition to Deerwood Park,” Bonevich stated in a post to his councilman social media page. “We wanted to ensure that this water way is protected by taking steps to acquire the property.”


The acquisition would be purchased using the township’s Open Space Fund, which means there is no added cost to the taxpayer.

The introduction of the ordinance passed unanimously.

“As long as I am on council I will always be in favor of purchasing land along these [C-1] waterways,” Bonevich said.