Howell Solid Waste Transfer Site Hearing Postponed

Howell Township Municipal Building (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

HOWELL – Community Development Director Jim Herrman, who at the time was filling in as interim township manager, gave an update on the proposed 1,500-ton solid waste transfer site being proposed at the intersection of Randolph Road and County Road 527.

The facility, which allows Monmouth County to update its solid waste plan, would be used to sort bulky clean-up and construction debris.

Residents who live in close proximity to the area spoke out against the plan at an August town council meeting, citing the pollution, noise and traffic it would add to the area, as well as the overall lack of community awareness surrounding the project. A public hearing on the topic was scheduled during a July 27 Freeholders meeting, but was cancelled.

Howell officials had requested that any future meetings regarding the transfer site be held in Howell moving forward. But Herrman reported that the two potential applicants who would be heard before the Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC) board at the next meeting, on September 28, had not satisfied their initial requirements. That means the meeting will not be held in Howell, as there is no Howell case on the agenda that night.

Herrman explained that SWAC is the body that governs the potential solid waste transfer facility on Randolph Road and the class B recycling facility on Yellowbrick Road that have been proposed by two separate entities.