Howell Homeless Need Your Help

A hand-painted sign labels the campground as Howell’s “Home for the Homeless.” (Photo courtesy Minister Steve Brigham)

HOWELL – Destiny’s Bridge needs your help in “finding solutions to fundamental needs.” Join the homeless encampment on June 9 to bring community resources together at It Takes a Village.

“This event is intended to demonstrate how community resources and services which individuals offer, as part of their established professions, can be brought together to satisfy the various challenges the homeless face on a daily basis,” stated the Destiny’s Bridge website.

It Takes a Village will be held at Destiny’s Bridge Transitional Encampment, 5998 Route 9 South, in Howell from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 9. The rain date for this event will be June 16.

Homeless Camp
A tent and yard of two people who live in the homeless camp in Howell. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

Destiny’s Bridge aims to provide temporary housing and services to the local homeless community. Here, these individuals can heal and become empowered to re-enter society. Destiny’s Bridge needs your help to provide further resources and services to those in need for this purpose.

The encampment is looking for those who can help provide services and establish programs in the following areas: sustainability, health care, social services, counseling and life skills training, vocational and job skills training, education services, legal services, spirituality, recreation, and security.

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