Howell Fire District No. 3 To Buy New Breathing Masks

Southard Fire Department No. 1 on Route 9, part of Howell Fire District No. 3 (Photo by Sara Grillo)

HOWELL – Voters in Fire District No. 3 approved a budget question that will allow new breathing masks for those firefighters.

On the ballot for District 3 was a capitol question that asked to move money from one part of the district’s budget to the capitol section in order to replace the squad’s self-contained breathing apparatus.

The fire district’s current breathing devices, which allow firefighters to breathe fresh air while battling a blaze, are beginning to fail.

The referendum would allow the district to use $155,657 left over from previous capital projects for other equipment. The capitol question passed 177-61.

Louis Memmolo IV, who served as president of the Southard Fire Department for eight years, was elected as a fire commissioner, beating out his opponent by 14 votes.

The $2,014,709 overall budget also passed, with $1,858,000 expected to be raised by taxation.

Fire District No. 3 responds to calls in the Southard section of Howell, located off Route 9 south of Aldrich Road.

In District 4, the budget passed 43 votes to 2.

James Bailey ran unopposed for a three-year seat as a fire commissioner. He received 35 votes.