Howell Family Of Five Escapes House Fire

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HOWELL – A family of five is displaced and a home in ruins after a fire broke out on May 31 in the Glen Arden section of Howell.

Howell Police Communications received a 9-1-1 call around 9 p.m. reporting that a two-story house on Silversmith Court was on fire. Patrolmen Peter Hochhauser #640, Nicholas Austin #654 and John Barroqueiro Jr. #639 arrived at the scene in minutes and found the family safely outside. Since the fire was so large and had the potential to spread to nearby homes, the three officers began immediately evacuating adjacent homes.

Fire companies from Southard, Adelphia, Freewood Acres, Ramtown and even Jackson took 45 minutes to extinguish the flames, but no one was injured.

The fire is still under investigation, but it is suspected that cigarette waste in the garage may have started the blaze. Most items in the home, as well as a 2017 Ford Escape parked in the driveway, were destroyed by the quickly moving flames.

Also assisting were the Howell Police Investigations Unit, Howell Fire Bureau, Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, Monmouth County Fire Marshall’s Office, Howell Office of Emergency Management, Howell Police EMS, Howell First-Aid and Ramtown First-Aid.