Howell Engineering Projects: Ongoing & Upcoming

Howell Township Municipal Building (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

HOWELL – There are numerous municipal improvement projects going on within Howell Township. Director of Community Development Jim Herrman has provided an update on the various projects via the Engineering Projects Status Report issued on May 30, 2018.

West Farms Road Sidewalk: Work began in late 2017 and final pavement was completed as of May 2018. The project is mostly complete with the exception of “final punch list work,” according to the report.

This project proposed a new sidewalk, curbing, and minor drainage improvements on West Farms Road between North American Drive and the Home Depot Shopping Center, to replace what was once a worn dirt pathway through the grass.

“The sidewalk will provide a safe walkway for commuters and residents that rely on public transportation on Route 9,” according to Herrman.

Aldrich Lake: Work began in late November 2017 and has been since delayed numerous times due to snow and rain. However, dredging is nearly complete and the department expects excavation work to be complete come early June. The lake will be refilled thereafter, according to the report.

The project, when complete, will have dredged 60,000 cubic yards of material from Aldrich Lake and installed a dock for recreational use. This began as an effort of behalf of the township to “improve the health of the water bodies and recreation options for the residents.”

NJAW Transmission Main: Driveway and intersection improvements will be made in conjunction with NJ American Water’s (NJAW) installation of their pipeline on township roads, including Maxim Southard Road, Oak Glen, Route 547, and the intersection of Alexander and Lanes Pond Road. NJAW will also install fire hydrants along the route.

The report stated that the curb and drainage work has been completed and milling began as of June 4. Roadways will be closed again for final paving, according to Herrman.

Preventorium Road: Major construction work for this project began on June 4. The project will include “minor drainage improvements, pavement repair, overall pavement resurfacing and miscellaneous restoration,” from Squankum Yellowbrook Road to the Farmingdale Borough border, according to the report.

Curb and Apron Program: This program intends to address emergency repairs to curb, ADA ramps, and driveway aprons. Work has begun to replace “ADA ramps and sidewalk along Bergerville Road in anticipation of the repaving work that will start there on June 4,” stated Herman. ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Freewood Acres and Route 9 Sewer Project: This, one of the largest capital improvement projects performed by the township, will provide sanitary sewers in Freewood Acres and Route 9. Herrman noted that the township is expecting to go out to bid on this project by June 11.

The Bear Swamp Pond Dam Replacement project and the Lake Louise Dam and Bridge HL-73 Replacement project will need review by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection before the township can go out to bid.

Howell Township also has two Capital Projects that it is working on, the first being Cranberry Road. The report states that the Cranberry Road project is “currently under design and is scheduled to be resurfaced/reconstructed in the early fall of 2018.”

The second Capital Project is the Mill and Overlay project, which is also currently under design. This will include sections of certain roadways in the Parkway Pines Development and the Oak Glen Development, the entire length of certain roads in the Glen Arden Development, and the entire length of Rodeo Court.

These are just the ongoing or upcoming capital projects within Howell Township. The Engineering Projects Status Report also lists various project details at the County level as well as projects by the NJ Department of Transportation and NJ Natural Gas, among others.

For more detailed information, visit for a copy of the full report. You can also contact Director of Community Development Jim Herrman for specific details.