Family Of Triplets Receives Free Mortgage For A Year

The Fisher family of Wall received a generous gift from William McLaughlin, president of the Wall-based McLaughlin Financial Group, LLC, who paid for their mortgage for one whole year. (Photo courtesy Christine Klink)

  WALL – ‘Nothing is free,’ the old adage reminds us. However, one local family might be putting that truth to the test.

  The Fisher family of Wall received a generous gift recently, courtesy of local business man William McLaughlin. McLaughlin, president of the Wall-based McLaughlin Financial Group, LLC, stepped up to help the Fisher family by paying their mortgage for one whole year.

  Tiffaney and Daniel Fisher and their four children were surprised with the announcement at a special event on August 13 held at their home in Wall Township. The Fishers come from Wanamassa, also in Monmouth County.

  McLaughlin, accompanied by his daughter and business partner Kristin McLaughlin, presented this gift in partnership with the Gradient Gives Back Foundation.

  The Foundation is a Minnesota-based a nonprofit organization that “strives to help poor, distressed or underprivileged American families who are at risk of losing their homes. It also seeks to unite communities by inspiring Americans for the purpose of charitable giving,” according to their website.

  The Fishers were nominated for the program by Holy Innocents Church in Neptune.

  When McLaughlin first heard about the Fisher family, he knew he had to help out in some way.

  “I know that they have had some financial hardship because of the demands of their family,” he said.

  Tiffaney and Daniel have an 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old triplets. While four kids are a handful for any family, all four of the Fisher children are on the autism spectrum. Along with the struggles of everyday life, Tiffaney and Daniel are also balancing a cycle of therapy appointments, day care and special schools for their kids.

  It wasn’t until Daniel’s mother – a major helper in all of this – passed away, that the Fisher’s delicate home-life-work balance began to falter. Tiffaney cut back on work to help out more with the kids and this then cut back on their financial ability to afford everyday things, like food and home maintenance.

  “Tiffaney is a ‘warrior mom’ who fights every day to keep her family going,” McLaughlin said. “But even warriors need a hand up sometimes.”

  In addition to 12 months of mortgage payments, McLaughlin is also providing the family with a washing machine and lawn mower.

  “It relieved a lot of stress, you know, we won’t be robbing Peter to pay Paul, picking bills. This will help us tremendously,” said Daniel, who called the generous gift “life-changing.”

  “I still can’t believe it; I’m in shock! I can’t believe this is happening,” said Tiffaney.

  The Gradient Gives Back Foundation’s philosophy here is that, with help maintaining their home, these parents can continue to maintain their family.