Driver Praised For Avoiding Potential Fatal Crash

A Howell woman safety pulled her car tot the shoulder after being hit by a deer. (Photo courtesy Howell Police)

HOWELL — Howell Township Police are praising a resident for avoiding a potentially fatal collision with a deer Monday morning.

Melissa Misthal, 36, of Howell, was driving her 2004 Toyota RAV4 on Route 9 South near Bergerville Road when a deer ran into the highway. Police said Misthal attempted to avoid the deer, but struck it while it was airborne. The deer crashed through the windshield and roof of her vehicle and came to rest on the back floor.

Police said the deer was died.

Misthal, not knowing if the deer was alive and despite the heavy damage to her vehicle, had the composure to safely bring her RAV4 to a stop on the shoulder. She was treated for minor injures at the scene.

“We praise the actions of Melissa.  This had the potential of being deadly not only for her but for other motorists as well.  She did everything right.  Would you have done the same?” Chief Andrew Kudrick said.

The deer went airborne and then crashed through the windshield, settling on the back floor. (Photo courtesy Howell Police)