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LAKEHURST – Have something on your mind? Is it driving you mad? Well, get it off your chest!

The residents of Ocean and Monmouth Counties face an array of issues and concerns each and every day. The economy, taxes, traffic, the environment, our state, local and national leadership, the ongoing recovery from Sandy, education and more.

These are all issues that will make an impact today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and for years to come. And no doubt you have something to say about them. So what can you do to ensure that your voice gets heard?

First, be sure to attend your local township council and board of education meetings. Let your officials know you are keeping a watchful eye on their actions or inactions. But don’t just be an onlooker. Get involved in the process. Do research. Ask questions. Offer solutions to problems. Express concerns for the topics that are most important to you and your family. We are lucky to be able to have a say in our government and we should all take advantage of that right.

You can also write letters to the editor to Micromedia Publications/Jersey Shore Online. Express your opinion of the matters that mean the most to you. People follow their local papers because, well, they are just that, local. The stories within offer a view of what’s going on in their own communities, what’s happening in their own backyards. By writing about important issues, you spark vital discussion on topics that affect your life.

Speak up and make yourself heard!

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