Officers Rescue Dog Left On Hot Balcony

Photo courtesy Brick Police

  BRICK – Police officers and firefighters rescued a pit bull who had been left out on a hot balcony in direct sun for several hours.

  The incident happened at 252 Sawmill Rd. on July 12. Officers Scott Smith and Joe Lardieri responded to the building at around 4:10 p.m. in response to a caller who said the dog had been on the third story balcony for a long time. The officers saw that the dog was panting heavily and appeared to be in distress.

  No one responded when the officers tried the front door. Smith used a laser temperature gauge to determine that the surface of the balcony was in excess of 110 degrees.

  Officers contacted the Herbertsville Fire Company who brought a ladder to the property so they could get the dog. Smith climbed the ladder and opened the sliding glass door to let the dog back in. At this point, nearby residents had started to gather and they cheered.

  They learned that the person who was home had been asleep, and was the roommate of the owner.

  The dog was brought to an emergency veterinarian for overnight treatment and observation.

  The dog’s owner, Jade Brown, was issued a summons for Failure to Provide Care for an Animal. The dog has been seized from her possession. It is now in a local animal shelter.

  Sgt. Shepherd was heard praising the cooperative effort to rescue the dog, “I’m just glad someone called it in in time for us to get to the dog. The fire department and the guys all did a great job.”