Can We Reunite This Surfer With Camera Found On Beach?

Do you know this man? The camera presumably belonged to this surfer. (photo courtesy Beckie Emerson)

  BRICK – Every once in a while, there’s a story about someone finding a wedding ring or something, and through the magic of the internet, the original owner is tracked down.

  Beckie Emerson of Brick is hoping the same thing will happen now. She found a Go Pro camera in debris dredged up from Superstorm Sandy back in 2012.

  She said she was on a beach in Point Pleasant shortly after they reopened following the storm. The camera’s memory had a bunch of surfing footage, and just one good shot of the presumed owner. There’s actually video of when the camera falls off the surfboard into the ocean.

  Emerson had forgotten all about the camera until finding it when packing recently and decided to take another shot at finding the owner through seven degrees of separation.

  Emerson said she thinks it’s a first generation Go Pro Hero. They are up to their eighth generation now.

  According to Wikipedia, the first one came out in 2005. Perhaps this surfer lost it back then? After all, the storm brought up all sorts of stuff from the ocean floor so who knows how old it is. Then again, it probably would not have kept its charge that long.

  So, let’s share this photo and see if anything turns up.

  C’mon, internet. Do your thing!