Attack On Brick Teen Never Occurred

Photo by Jason Allentoff

BRICK – Earlier this week, reports surfaced that a teenager had been attacked by an unknown assailant as he was riding his bike. Authorities are now alerting the media and the public that the incident never occurred.

In an e-mail sent to media outlets in the region, Sargent Jim Kelly said “a quick but thorough investigation by Brick Police detectives into the alleged attack upon a 16-year old male on June 19, 2019 has revealed that the alleged incident did not occur as originally reported.”

Jersey Shore Online reached out for further details and according to Brick Township Police Captain Keith Reinhard, the boy was never attacked or injured by anyone and they are continuing to investigate the situation with the juvenile and his parents.

Reinhard said “the public should be made aware that there was never any threat to public safety. Also, as of right now, the boy is not charged with anything. I can’t say if that will change at this point.”

Jersey Shore Online first learned of the incident through a tip sent through Facebook messenger.

The boy had claimed he was attacked near the Police Athletic League (PAL) building on Drum Point Road. The 16-year-old teen was riding his bike through the trail at the time of the incident.

In the event Jersey Shore Online obtains new information on this case, we will of course share it with you.