Brick MUA Will Perform Flushing From Oct. to Nov.

Brick Municipal Utilities Authority (Photo by Daniel Nee, courtesy Brick Shorebeat)

BRICK – Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority will be flushing its distribution system from about October 9 through November.

Residents may experience a more noticeable chlorine taste and odor in their tap water, low water pressure and some discoloration of water. Brick MUA noted that this is normal with the flushing process.

“During this time, the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority will temporarily modify the disinfection process of water treatment from chloramine (combined) residuals to free chlorine. Chlorine is commonly used in public water supplies as a disinfectant,” stated Brick MUA.

Brick Utilities employees will be working along local roadways during the flushing process. Officials urge motorists to proceed with caution in these areas.

For more information or any questions, call Brick Utilities at 732-458-7000 ext. 4226.