Students Raise Money For Associated Humane Society

Photo courtesy Berkeley Township School District

  BAYVILLE – Students and staff at Bayville School have been working hard to raise money in support of the Associated Humane Society at Popcorn Park Zoo.

  Gifted and talented student Arushi Sood reached out to the Humane Society in a letter, expressing Bayville School’s desire to contribute to the organization throughout the school year. Following the letter, an animal control officer from the society came in to speak with the students about what she does and how they can help.

  So far, second grade students in Mrs. Trembulak’s class, with help from gifted and talented teacher Mrs. Avenoso, have raised over $400. Students collected $128 by selling holiday ornaments sold at parent/teacher conferences; they also raised $300 from Valentines chocolates sold for $1 each.

Photo courtesy Berkeley Township School District

  Prior to Christmas break, students also donated two big boxes of new dog and cat toys, towels and blankets to the society.  

  According to the district, students at Bayville School plan to continue to raise money and collect donations for the society in 2019.

  “Students are learning that it is so important to reach out to others in a “me” society,” stated school officials.

  Students are still collecting: Pedigree Dog Chow, Purina Complete Cat Chow, kitten, puppy, and cat food, litter pans, cat litter, leashes, Nylabones, garbage bags (large and small), laundry detergent, bleach, bird seed, tissues, paper towels, and dish soap.

  Donations can be dropped off at the main office at Bayville School to be delivered to the Humane Society.

  For more information, contact Regina Avenoso at