Short Term Rentals Examined

Photo by Chris Lundy

BERKELEY – In an effort to make sure that people are taking care of their neighborhoods while renting out their homes, the Township Council introduced a new ordinance that would affect short term rentals throughout the town.

Several properties have been listed on websites for rent for as little as one night, officials reported. This kind of arrangement benefits travelers who don’t want to stay in a hotel, and homeowners who want to make some money off their property.

However, if someone rents the property and makes a lot of noise and garbage, then neighbors complain.

One would expect the beach communities to have summer and short term rentals.

“Sometimes, these happen elsewhere,” business administrator John Camera said.

They had been spotted at mainland areas, or lagoon properties like in Glen Cove.

The ordinance, which was introduced at the most recent meeting, would make property owners comply with the rental ordinance no matter what part of the town they live in.

If someone chooses to rent out their home, they always need a certificate of compliance, Camera said. In order to get that, they need to have their property inspected every year. This would make people have to do this even in mainland areas.

According to the ordinance, the cost for an inspection is $55. A re-inspection would cost $25, and the transfer of title would be $45.

“Short term rentals” are defined as less than 90 days, per the ordinance.

A rental cannot happen in the retirement communities unless the homeowners association signs off on it.