Parks And Recreation Projects Underway

The HJB Fitness Park was opened in Seaside Heights at the location of the Hugh J. Boyd, Jr. Elementary School. (Photo courtesy Central Regional Schools)

  BERKELEY – New features – and new locations – have been developed for residents on the mainland and for those who live as far as the barrier island.

  In one collaboration, the township is donating land to the county in order for improvements to passive park recreation.

  The Ocean County Parks Department has a rail trail near Mill Creek, township planner James Oris said. “We own a few properties that would enhance the park.”

  By deeding this property over to the county, it allows their park department to incorporate it into their own projects.

  Meanwhile, a concession stand is being built at Veterans Park on Veterans Boulevard. This construction area could be seen fenced off as summer blended into fall.

A concession stand/restroom building will soon be part of Veterans Park. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  Business Administrator John Camera said that the front of the building will be the concession stand, and there will be public restrooms as well. There will also be a small “green room” in the back. This will be for use by performers before and after they go on stage.

  At a recent Township Council meeting, officials noted that there will be some construction done on a local park, but it won’t change the park at all.

  Whispering Pines Park is as quiet as the name suggests, found off one of the streets in Holiday Park South. There are 70 or so acres that are untouched, but some work might be seen there. This is because easements are needed for sewer and storm drainage for new homes in the nearby Manitou Park section of town.

  Mayor Carmen Amato underscored that there will be no homes being built at the park. “It’s preserved in perpetuity.”

  Meanwhile, the HJB Fitness Park opened on the site of the Hugh J. Boyd, Jr. Elementary School. Although the school is in Seaside Heights, it falls under the purview of the Central Regional School District. Students of Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, and South Seaside Park all go to Central in Bayville.

  Central Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides said the park was a partnership between the district and the town and is open to students, parents, and the community.

ATVs And Speed Limits

  In other news, the township is enforcing a stronger regulation on all terrain vehicles being driven illegally in the township. Commonly, people living near the edge of the woods will hear these ATVs on nice days. The woods are protected, and driving them is illegal.

  The new regulation will force drivers to forfeit these vehicles if guilty, Police Chief Kevin Santucci explained at a recent Township Council meeting.

  Meanwhile, the speed limits on Chelsea Avenue and Bayview Avenue near the border with Ocean Gate will be reduced to 30 mph.

Lobbyist Needed

  The Township Council issued a request for proposals for a lobbying firm. RFPs are put out when a town is looking to contract with a professional for a non-salaried job.

  “We have a grant coordinator but we think having a lobbyist would help get leverage to get projects going,” Business Administrator John Camera said.

  The township doesn’t have a lobbyist currently. This would be a new contract if the governing body finds a professional they like. Following the meeting, Camera told The Berkeley Times that there are no specific projects to name at this point.