Dredging Projects To Be Performed In Berkeley

Berkeley is looking to dredge waterway areas, such as Maple Creek. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

BERKELEY – Dredging projects will be helping residents in lagoon communities access the Barnegat Bay and navigate more safely.

The contract for dredging was awarded Aug. 21 to Midlantic Construction, LLC, in the amount of $361,586.

The view of Barnegat Bay access from Butler Beach. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

Several years ago, residents got together to evaluate what areas need to be dredged, said Berkeley Shores resident William McGrath. A professional land surveyor and waterfront consultant, he volunteers for the town’s Waterways Advisory Committee.

Three projects took priority. One is Maple Creek, on the southern end of town. Another is a lagoon on the northern side of Butler Boulevard. The last one is near Sand Bar Lane by the Cedar Creek. The water there, in some parts, can be 8 inches deep.

They brought their list, with signatures, to the governing body. Berkeley brought the concerns to the state, since they are usually responsible for dredging. However, the state reported that they did not have the money for the projects. After three years of meetings with the state, the township has taken upon itself to do the work instead, he said. Then, after the work is completed, the town can work on getting the project reimbursed by the state.

Photo by Chris Lundy