Central Regional Marching Eagles To Host First Home Competition

The Central Regional Marching Eagles will host a Fall Festival of Music Tournament of Bands Competition on October 7 at Hugh J. Boyd Field. (Photo courtesy Central Regional Schools)

BAYVILLE – The Central Regional Marching Eagles have been practicing their left flanks, right flanks and forward and backwards marching, as they get ready to perform on their own turf at the 2017 Fall Festival of Music on October 7.

This year’s show is titled #SeniorYear – based on the life of a high school senior – featuring a musical journey through the students’ four years in high school, weaving in and out of the Central Regional hallways while playing recent hits by Cold Play, Zedd, Demi Lovato and Fall Out Boy.

It goes something like this:

The Central Regional Marching Eagles’ Percussion Line. (Photo courtesy Central Regional Schools)

First-year students are “Viva La Vida,” taking it all in and living the life of a wide-eyed freshman, borrowing inspiration from the title of the Coldplay song. Then, as they grow into sophomores, they gain some “Clarity” from Zedd, about what high school is like and how it all works, making them much more “Confident,” a hit song by Demi Lovato. Finally, as senior year comes to a close, they look back and reminisce on their high school days, thinking, “Thanks for the memories,” the refrain from a popular Fall Out Boy song.

The Fall Festival is a Tournament of Bands Competition, one of the largest competitive band organizations in the country, where eight bands from across Ocean County and South Jersey will go head to head, starting at 5 p.m.

“On behalf of the administration and staff, we are very honored and excited to host this event for the first time here at Hugh J. Boyd Field. Each band has put forth countless hours of practice and hard-work in preparation to compete. We wish them all well and look forward to the show,” said Dr. Douglas M. Corbett, Central Regional High School Principal.

Central Regional Band Director Jeff Genthe said the band is already making great strides this year with the show, and that he has seen more commitment, dedication and drive from this group of students than he’s seen in a very long time.

“They are really making this season a blast!” he added.

The Central Regional Marching Eagles are made up of brass and woodwind instruments, a drumline, color guard and percussion front ensemble, which all come together as a team to display musical skill and performance artistry during competitions.

“During the Fall season, our Marching Eagles perform at football games, parades and in competition. We are honored to host our first competition and invite our community to attend this inaugural music event,” said Genthe.

To watch the Central Regional Marching Eagles leave their hearts and souls on their own 50-yardline, tickets for Fall Festival can be purchased at the gate for $10 per person, or $7 for senior citizens and children 12 and under.