Condos To Be Built By Ocean Gate Border

The Dream Homes at the Pines will be a condo complex visible from Ocean Gate Drive. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  BERKELEY – Another condo complex has been approved off of Ocean Gate Drive, past the entrance to Berkeley Shores but just before the borough of Ocean Gate.

  “Dream Homes at the Pines” will be situated on 2.3 acres at the intersection of Louis Avenue and Orchard Avenue, fronting Ocean Gate Turnpike. It is zoned for multi-family homes. It will be built by local developer Dream Homes.

  There will be two, three-story townhouse buildings with a total of 17 units. One building will have 11 units and the other will have six. Each unit will be 1,832 square feet with a garage. There will be an 1,800 square feet fenced-in recreation area. There are plans for parking, two spots per unit, plus seven visitor spots and two handicap spots.

  There will be one short driveway off Louis in and out of the development, and a gravel road off Ocean Gate Turnpike for emergency vehicles.

  The planning board approved some variances for the site. A variance is when a plan doesn’t fit with the town’s code but the planning board allows it.

  For example, the property is supposed to have two entrances, but since it fronts on two separate streets that was waived. Also, officials noted that two driveways would impact the character of the neighborhood. The development is not expected to generate enough traffic to warrant it.

This is the proposed layout for the development. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  There is also supposed to be at least 50 feet between any buildings and neighboring property lines or roads. The buildings will be 43.2 to 45.8 feet away.

  A neighbor who lives nearby said the neighborhood is not suited for multi-family development like condos. People buying in this neighborhood expect to live next to one family, not 17.

  There are just a few homes in the area, and they are all on large lots. Historically, there have been property owners living here for decades, back when it was not uncommon for people to own livestock.

Photo by Chris Lundy

  He was also concerned about the environmental impact. The property would drain into Jeffrey’s Creek, a popular spot in Ocean Gate for families.

  Another condo complex is finishing by the intersection at Veeder Lane.