Cardboard Boats Set Sail At Ocean Gate Day

OCEAN GATE – A summer tradition, the borough’s beach and Wildwood Avenue pier was full of people enjoying Ocean Gate Day.

The event had been postponed a week due to a prediction of thunderstorms. When the event actually took place, it was the day after a very stormy day. It was very hot that day, so people were cooling off with ices from the beachfront concession stand if they couldn’t go in the water.

Booths sold crafts, make-up, toys, and other items. Community groups also handed out information and engaged passersby in activities.

The centerpiece of the event was the cardboard boat challenge. Sailors had to craft a boat out of cardboard and duct tape. Run by the local EMS, there were lifeguards and people on waverunners keeping an eye on everyone.

Some of the boats were themed after famous characters, like Moana. Some of the riders dressed up as characters, like Batman in a bat-boat or Bert and Ernie in a bathtub. Some of them had clever names, like “The Sinker.”

Indeed, at least a few sinking ships is expected and even celebrated. Some kids gave up and just swam or walked their boat through. The rules state that you have to remain inside the boat the entire time.