Berkeley Golf Course Membership Reduced For Residents

Photo courtesy Cedar Creek Golf Course

BERKELEY – The annual membership cost for residents is going down, and officials are mulling management changes at the township-owned Cedar Creek Golf Course.

At the last Township Council meeting, an ordinance was introduced that would reduce the annual rate from $1,250 to $900 for residents. The cost for nonresidents will remain at $1,550.

Business administrator John Camera said the change in price would not likely affect the township in a significant way. The public hearing on this ordinance, upon which the change would be adopted, will take place at the Feb. 26 meeting at 6 p.m. This will be held at the municipal building at 627 Pinewald-Keswick Road.

The township is also looking to see if they can get proposals to have the course managed by an outside vendor, Camera said. This is not set in stone. Officials are just doing their due diligence to make sure it can’t be done more efficiently.

This deal would not include the Cedar Creek Bar and Grill, which is run by a separate vendor, he added.

Appointments Made

In other news, Richard Elliott was appointed to a five-year term as an alternate member of the Municipal Utilities Authority.

The Township Council also introduced a measure to add two alternate members to the Waterways Advisory Commission. This is a volunteer board that updates the governing body about problems along the shore areas in town and suggests solutions.

Under the proposed ordinance, there would still be seven regular members. In addition to that, there would be two alternates. One would be picked by the mayor and one by the Township Council.