TR Asks: Do You Want More Open Space?

Photo by Chris Lundy

TOMS RIVER – A nonbinding referendum will appear on the ballot in November asking residents if they want more open space purchased in town.

The language of the question isn’t set yet, but it will be along the lines of whether the taxpayers want to support purchasing an additional 250 acres or so to prevent it from being developed, Councilman Maurice Hill said. The goal is to find out if people want to spend the money in exchange for more recreation and less overdevelopment.

The question will not refer to any particular parcel in town, business administrator Paul Shives said. It will just ask people if they want to have more open space. Since it is a nonbinding referendum, it means that there won’t be a specific course of action. The question will just be to gauge public interest.

Council President Alfonso Manforti described it as a “poll to see if the community is in favor of open space acquisition.”

The Township Council passed a resolution at its most recent meeting that would place it on the ballot in November.