Toms River Police Say Human Trafficking Post Is Fake

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

TOMS RIVER – An alarming social media post has been making the rounds, warning people against a potential human trafficking site in Toms River. According to Toms River Police, this post is spreading false information.

The post being shared is directed towards women in the Toms River area. It reads: “the parking lot on route 37 where shoprite, staples, Panera, etc. are located is apparently becoming a spot for human traffickers to kidnap victims!!!!!”

Police are advising the public to disregard the post.

“We have received numerous inquiries about a post that has been circulating social media. We have not received any official reports alerting us to any criminal activity of this nature,” stated Toms River Police.

Courtesy Twitter

Out of this incident, police are also warning the public against raising alarm over false information via social media.

“Please be aware that posting unsubstantiated rumors can rise to causing false public alarm which is a chargeable offense. If you have been witness to something or feel in danger, call the police, do not post about it,” they stated.

Police Chief Mitch Little told Jersey Shore Online, “some decide to just post rumors which causes panic and public alarm that is not necessary or productive for anyone.”

If you really need to reach the Toms River Police for help, reach them at 732-349-0150 or call 911 during an emergency.