Toms River North Seniors Work Side-By-Side With Police

Toms River North Seniors Abel Bomtempo and Dylan Bonilla. (Photo courtesy Toms River PD)

TOMS RIVER – Two Toms River High School North seniors definitely made the most of their Community Action Program this year, also known as CAP, which is a special course offered to 12th grade students by the school district – similar to an internship. It allows students to voluntarily earn up to 10 credits through educational experiences gained out in the community, experiences that would not necessary be generated in the classroom.

Dylan Bonilla, Abel Bomtempo and Police Chief Mitchell Little. (Photo courtesy Toms River PD)

Abel Bomtempo and Dylan Bonilla were selected to work side-by-side with the Toms River Police Department starting in September 2016 and have been volunteering there six hours each week, working with officers hands-on in the Administrative Bureau, Detective Bureau, Operations Bureau, Dispatch Center, Municipal Court, Municipal Jail, Records Room and Property Room.

The two high school seniors first learned about the history of the department, and then immersed themselves in the day-to-day operations of a police officer, such as scanning personnel items into a computer server, archiving police reports and attended training on topics like risky motor vehicle stops and fraud detection.

Bomtempo and Bonilla also participated in fundraising events with police officers, such as the recent Pros vs. Heroes Flag Football Game in Seaside Heights on May 20, where Toms River Police Officers faced off against former professional football players. The course will wrap up at the end of June.

“These two students, who are interested in a career in the law enforcement field, have been given the opportunity to explore different life choice paths through the program,” said Police Chief Mitchell Little.

There’s a flip side in it for the Toms River Police Department, too, who get to stay connected with the youth of the community in a positive way.