They Threatened Mall Worker Over Masks, Now They Face Charges

Photo courtesy Simon Malls

  TOMS RIVER – About a month ago, two people came into Zumiez in the Ocean County Mall and threatened a worker when she asked them to wear masks.

  They have been identified and charged, Toms River Police reported.

  Richard Alter, 41, and Sylina Kramer, 32, both of Binghamton, NY, entered the Zumiez store on July 9 with their masks hanging around their neck and not covering their faces.

  When the store worker asked them to cover up, they became hostile. Alter started yelling, picked up a belt for sale and began “snapping” it at her. He did connect once. He made several threatening comments on his way out, while Kramer spit at her.

  Alter was charged with 2nd degree Terroristic Threats and Simple Assault. There is currently a warrant out for his arrest.  Ms. Kramer was charged with Simple Assault and issued a summons.

  Charges are merely accusations until proven in a court of law.