Customers Assault Mall Clerk Asking Them To Wear Mask

Photo courtesy Simon Malls

  TOMS RIVER – An employee of the Zumiez store in the Ocean County Mall was assaulted by a couple when she told them to put their masks over their face.

  The couple came into the store at around 3 p.m. on July 9, police said. The victim, who worked in the store, saw a man and a woman come in. Their masks were hanging around their neck and not covering their faces.

  The worker told them that they have to wear their masks properly in order to shop in the store. The man got mad and started yelling. He picked up a belt that was for sale and started “snapping” it at her, hitting her once. As they left, the woman yelled and spit at the worker.

  Police searched for the suspects but they were not found.