Seemingly Never-Ending Road Work In Toms River Continues

Photo by Jason Allentoff

TOMS RIVER – Work continues as planned on the Route 9, 166 and Route 37 state road project.

An official with the New Jersey Department of Transportation said paving is completed on Route 166, south of Route 37.

In mid-July, the Route 166 barrier curb on the south side of Route 37 was finished.


On the route’s north side, water utility relocation and retaining wall reconstruction remain ongoing. That work, according to officials, should be completed by summer’s end.

“Once this work is finished, the contractor will be able to complete curb, sidewalk, roadway reconstruction, and drainage work on Route 166 north of Route 37. The final stage will be to construct the median barrier curb,” NJDOT’s Matthew Saidel said.

Photo by Jennifer Peacock

After this summer’s vacation season ends, the work to reconstruct the roadway north of Route 37 will begin. That will include some driveway apron work.

“NJDOT and the contractor will continue to provide advanced notice and coordinate any access issues for the businesses within the project limits,” Saidel said.

The $12 million project is expected to be completed by year’s end.