Rose Garden Resident Celebrates 99th Birthday

Photo courtesy Rose Garden

  TOMS RIVER – Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center celebrated their resident Virginia Huhndorf who recently turned 99-years-old.

  Virginia “Ginny” Huhndorf, a resident of Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, celebrated her 99th birthday on March 10! Ginny was born in New Jersey, and spent over 30 years living in the New England states. In the past, Ginny worked in a jewelry factory making 35 cents an hour. With hopes of a better future, Ginny attended three years at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, Massachusetts; and later completed two years in a business college. Ginny later obtained a position as a secretary at a vocational High School.

  Virginia reminisces her three marriages, and has unconditional love for her children- Hope, Eric, and Valerie. Throughout her life, Ginny enjoyed traveling to Europe a number of times and creating memories that have lasted a lifetime.

  Ginny is an avid reader, and calls herself a bookworm. She has also had a successful career as an artist, creating over 300 paintings in her life and winning a number of awards. During her time at Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Ginny has led her peers in a weekly painting class. When gifting a painting to a former employer they commented, “Now you are doing what you really love to do.”


  As we celebrated Ginny’s 99th birthday, her friends asked her a number of questions about her life. Ginny explained that her secret to a long life is “eating a lot of cheese, a lot of ice cream, and three husbands.” When asked how she keeps her skin so nice and looking good, Ginny commented that she uses Ivory soap, and that she “broke all the rules and was lucky I guess.” Ginny’s favorite movie stars are Katharine Hepburn and Ingrid Bergman. On Christmas Eve, Ginny enjoys her one glass of wine for the year.

  Ginny wanted to stress to her friends and family that she also has a strong faith in God. “When you get to this age, I wake up and can’t realize I am 99. The time I have left, I want to live each day to the fullest and do something for someone else if I can.” Virginia is a loving person who radiates kindness. Happy 99th Birthday, Ginny!