Rose Garden Resident Celebrates 104th Birthday

Helen Morris (Photo courtesy Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation)

  TOMS RIVER – Helen Morris, a resident at Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation, celebrated her 104th birthday on December 9. Helen was born and raised in North Carolina. She had six brothers and sisters. Helen’s parents passed on, and Helen was then responsible for parenting. Helen in her youth picked cotton and later farmed tobacco to provide income for the family. Helen later married and had three children, however her husband passed away in the early 50s. She raised her children as a single mom as she never remarried.

  Subsequently, she moved to New Jersey and began to work on an assembly line. Helen has been a resident at Rose Garden for about four years. She is charming, has a good sense of humor and has retained her southern demeanor. They all wish her health, happiness and a Happy Birthday.