Resident Asks For Later Hours For Beach Bathrooms

Ortley Beach (Photo courtesy Friends of Ortley Beach)

TOMS RIVER – A resident asked the Township Council to leave the Ortley Beach restrooms open for longer, so that people leaving the beach late can use them.

Bill Kuzbyt, of Ortley Beach, said he sits on his deck and watches people come in off the beach at 5 p.m., and the restrooms are closed. It would be good for them to be open so they have some place to go to the bathroom or change their clothes before their trip home.

Business administrator Paul Shives said that it is probably when the lifeguards leave for the day. Council president Alfonso Manforti said that someone is needed to lock it up.

Kuzbyt said that there are police officers, and a park ranger, who circulate through the area. The police come back after 5 p.m. to make sure the doors are locked. Instead, they should just lock them then.

The township officials said they would look into his request.