PetSmart Responds To Dog Dying At Grooming

Photo courtesy Google

TOMS RIVER – PetSmart responded to an incident where a dog died while at a grooming appointment at the store.

According to published reports, a local resident brought his corgi, Abby, to be groomed at the Toms River store. He received a short call later that the dog had died, and gave details on how he could go pick up her body.

“We are deeply saddened by Abby’s passing, and we are in constant contact with her pet parent during this very difficult time,” the statement from PetSmart read. “An internal review was conducted to help us better understand the timeline of events and what happened.”

The statement continued to state that the press office did not have access to the results of the necropsy that would determine the cause of death and point to any pre-existing conditions that might have been present.