Master Gardeners Held Plant Sale

Photo by Chris Lundy

TOMS RIVER – A variety of perennials, annuals, shrubs and herbs were on sale at the Master Gardeners spring sale at the Rutgers Agricultural Center, located on Whitesville Road.

The parking lot had long rows of plants set up for purchase. The growers stood behind the booths, providing information about the plants they sold.

The money raised all went back to the Master Gardeners program to reinvest in plant sales, and provide education for local gardeners.

The event has been happening every spring since 1990, said Maryann Stickney, a volunteer who does publicity for the organization.

Photo by Chris Lundy

Volunteer gardeners manage two greenhouses for annuals and vegetables – mostly tomatoes and herbs, a hoop house for perennials and an open field garden for shrubs and trees. The group also supplied thousands of pounds of produce to food pantries in the area.

The Master Gardeners provide many services, including education, planning a garden for nonprofit groups, and identifying plants and ticks. They also offer a free monthly calendar. Each month gives advice on what you should do as a gardener during that month.

Another event coming later this year is the Fall Garden Day, where experts will give advice on how to prepare their beds for winter. It is held on Sept. 29.

They are currently looking for volunteers who are interested in gardening and service.

  For more information, call 732-349-1245 or visit