Hooper Avenue Elementary Receives Grant From SUEZ Foundation

4th Grade Students with (back left) Doug Hynoski, teacher and (back right) Michael Citta, principal

TOMS RIVER – Hooper Avenue Elementary School was recently awarded a $1,000 grant from the SUEZ Foundation.

The funding awarded to Hooper Avenue Elementary will be used to construct a conservation garden on the school’s property and will begin in the Spring.  The school was awarded this environmental grant from the SUEZ Foundation so that educators can teach the youngsters to protect, conserve and better manage water resources through Xeriscaping.

Xeriscape gardening is an integral part of conserving water, and the word is derived from the Greek word ‘xeros’ meaning dry.  Xeriscaping is the creative establishment of a garden that uses less water than a traditional garden and is done by selecting plants that are drought tolerant then using horticultural techniques to make the best use of water.  Homeowners, too, can easily reduce their outdoor water use while creating a colorful, natural garden which also tends to be low in maintenance.