Excavator Falls On Top Of Vehicle In Toms River, No Injuries

Photo by Ray Perez

TOMS RIVER – Imagine this if you will. You’re driving down a busy road during the evening rush. You stop at the traffic light like you’re supposed to when all of a sudden, an excavator lands on top of your vehicle. That’s exactly what happened to one man who is lucky to be alive.

Toms River Township Police Spokesperson Jillian Messina confirmed to Jersey Shore Online that units were called to the intersection of Whitesville Road and Route 70 on December 8 for a motor vehicle accident. However, it was one for the books.

Messina said 56-year-old Christoph Caches of Toms River was towing a trailer loaded with an excavator, when he turned right onto Whitesville Road. While making the turn, the trailer flipped over and the excavator landed on the vehicle that was at the red light.

Amazingly, both Caches and the driver in the other vehicle walked away without a scratch.


Caches was issued a Careless Driving summons.

The crash closed the busy section of road for several hours during the initial probe and cleanup.

The accident remains under investigation by Toms River Police Safety Officer Ryan Fitzgerald.