Driver Saves Toddler Walking On Rt. 37

Melissa Watson received a Civilian Award. Pictured with family and Police Chief Mitch Little. (Photo courtesy Toms River Police)

  TOMS RIVER – What would you do if you were driving and suddenly saw a toddler walking down the middle of the road? Hopefully, you’d do just what Melissa Watson did on March 22.

  She slammed on her brakes and got out of her car. She put her own life in danger, because this was on Route 37. She tried to alert other drivers while she grabbed the child. Then, she brought the child back to her car and pulled into the parking lot of the Avon Hotel, where she called the police.

  Officers responded and worked to get the two-year-old back to their family.

  Watson was honored with a Civilian Award for her “quick actions, bravery, and kindness,” police said.