Do You Want To Be A Lavallette Lifeguard?

The women of the Lavallette Beach Patrol at the 32nd Annual All-Women Lifeguard Tournament, summer 2017 (Photo courtesy Lavallette Beach Patrol)

LAVALLETTE – The borough needs lifeguards for its 2018 summer beach season.

Tryouts will be held 10 a.m. June 16 at the bayside beach on Reese Avenue. Prospective guards should be able to swim a 500-meter swim at bayside. No previous experience is needed.

Lavallette Beach Patrol wants lifeguards to maintain the safety of its nine oceanfront and two bayside beaches. The patrol trains lifeguards to recognize hazardous situations, perform rescues in many conditions, and respectfully engage beach guests to promote enjoyment and safety in the water.

Lifeguards will also learn lifesaving techniques, patrol equipment, and receive CPR and first aid training and protocol before and during the borough’s busy summer season.

The members of the Lavallette Beach patrol after the 2017 William Kemble Lifeguard Tournament at the lifeguard headquarters atop Philadelphia Ave., Lavallette, summer 2017 (Photo courtesy Lavallette Beach Patrol)

The season starts June 23.

“The Lavallette Beach Patrol is widely respected and appreciated by the members of the Lavallette community and visitors to our oceanfront and bay beaches,” Lavallette Beach Patrol Captain Bob Tormollan. “We foster a sense of responsibility, discipline, and inclusiveness within our patrol that creates a cohesive community of lifeguards. All members of the patrol are eager to aid one another in any type of situation that arises, and strive to uphold an enjoyable and secure atmosphere for our patrons.”

For information on tryouts, contact Bob Tormollan at 732-244-3394, visit, or @LBPNJ on Facebook.

The Lavallette Beach Patrol changing rowers in the middle of the row relay event in a tournament, summer 2017 (Photo courtesy Lavallette Beach Patrol)