Child Finds Purse, Gives It To Toms River Police

Photo courtesy Toms River Police

  TOMS RIVER – You’ve probably seen it in a dozen TV shows: a kid finds a wallet or a purse and debates what to do with it. They know they can use the money to buy something they really want, but that little voice inside them says to do the right thing.

  One local boy did the right thing. Joe, 10, found a small purse on a bus. But he didn’t seem to have a devil on his shoulder telling him to spend the money.

  “His first thought was to return it to the owner. Having items of high value inside, but no identifying information, Joe asked his grandfather to take him to the police department so we could help return it,” police said. “We got to spend some time with Joe and were so impressed with this young man! He is a true example of the good in our community. Way to go Joe!”