Cause Of Thursday’s Fire Revealed

(Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News)

TOMS RIVER – A space heater too close to combustibles caused Thursday’s house fire on East Rolling Hills Court, officials said.

The Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention released its findings Friday afternoon.

The investigation into the fire that destroyed 73 East Rolling Hills Court was conducted by Richard Foster, Kyle Gervasio, Dana Mitchell and Kevin Britton from the Toms River Fire Bureau, Travis Seaman from the Toms River Police Department, and Tom Haskell, John Doran and Chris Bonner from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention would like to remind all residents about the safe use of space heaters:

• Use only appliances that cut off automatically if tipped over.

• Use only models that have been approved by a nationally recognized testing agency (UL or Factory Mutual).

• Keep combustible materials at least three feet away from space heaters.

• If using an electric model, make sure the cord is not frayed or worn. Never use an extension cord with a portable heater.

• Keep children and pets away from portable heaters. It only takes a second for curiosity to lead to a serious burn.

• Turn heaters off when you leave home or go to bed.