Another Kitten Thrown From A Moving Car

(Photo courtesy of Cole Passiglia)

  TOMS RIVER – Following a recent tragic incident, yet another kitten has been tossed from a vehicle, this time on Whitesville Road.

  On June 22, police responded to the intersection of Route 70 and Massachusetts Ave for reports of kittens being thrown from a vehicle. Witnesses told police that the passenger of an older model, red Nissan Pathfinder, with black roof racks, threw two white kittens into the road.

  According to police, one of the kittens was immediately run over by another vehicle and the second kitten was rescued by the person who phoned the authorities. Shortly after a photo was taken, the surviving kitten escaped into the woods.

  On June 25, another kitten was thrown from a vehicle onto Whitesville Road. Police believe the kitten to be from the same litter as the other two kittens. The two incidents happened within a mile of one another, three days apart.

  A Berkeley resident was on his way to work when he saw the third kitten being thrown from the vehicle. He rescued it and brought it to a nearby animal shelter. Despite the tragic incident, the Good Samaritan believes the kitten will recover.

  Police continue to look for the driver of the red Nissan Pathfinder with black roof racks involved in these incidents. Anyone with information should contact Detective Tom Grosse at 732-349-0150, ext. 1263.