Stafford Bonds Over $5M For Improvement Projects

Stafford Town Hall (Photo by Jason Allentoff)

  STAFFORD – At a recent meeting, the Stafford Township Council adopted an ordinance that would allow for the appropriation of more than $5 million towards various capital improvements and new equipment for the town.

  The bond ordinance was introduced for a first reading on June 4, appropriating a total of $5,500,000 for improvements. Of that total, $345,000 will be funded through grants from New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

  The township will put up $275,000 as a down payment, as required by Local Bond Law, and the remaining $5,225,000 will be funded through bonds.

  The funding will be split between rolling out a variety of capital projects as well as acquiring new equipment for numerous township departments.

  Capital projects include:

  • Road improvements and paving projects totaling $2,010,000 including the NJDOT grant funds. The NJDOT funding will allow for Phase II of improvements to Atlantis Avenue
  • Drainage improvements totaling $50,000, bonding for $47,500
  • Court resurfacing projects totaling $200,000, bonding for $190,000
  • Irrigation improvements totaling $150,000, bonding for $142,500
  • Municipal park improvements totaling $100,000, bonding for $95,000
  • Improvements to municipal buildings including renovations of the Police Training Room, as well as carpet and roof replacements at Town Hall, totaling $635,000, bonding for $603,250
  • Bulk scanning of records totaling $250,000, bonding for $237,500

  New equipment includes:

  • Public Works: 12 passenger bus, automated trash trucks, snow plows, automated trash and recycling cans, various DPW vehicles. Total cost is estimated at $1,210,000, bonding for $1,149,500
  • Information Technology (IT) upgraded equipment totaling $220,000, bonding for $209,000
  • Police Department: five police SUVs, a police motorcycle, etc. Total cost is estimated at $400,000, bonding for $380,000
  • Volunteer EMS replacement ambulance totaling $275,000, bonding for $261,250

  During the same meeting, the council also approved a bond ordinance that would appropriate $1,875,000 for the Beach Haven West Sewer Rehabilitation Phase I Project. No down payment is required on this sum, according to the ordinance.

  Another bond ordinance appropriates $1,940,000 for various water/sewer utility improvements and equipment for the township. The ordinance dictates a $1,240,000 down payment, allowing for the township to bond for $700,000 for these projects.

  Water/sewer utility projects include:

  • Purchase of a new utility truck, van, dump truck, various utility tools and equipment
  • Beach Haven West Water and Sewer Lagoon Crossing Replacement Project Phase II
  • Water treatment plant upgrades
  • Sewer pump station rehabilitation
  • Stafford Park Water Tower upgrades.